Advent Tree



Please stop by and look at the various ornaments that represent the opportunity to provide a special Christmas gift for a family in need, or to donate to a specific cause to better care for those throughout our world.

This year’s tree benefits ministry efforts in:

  • Appalachia

In addition to the Christmas presents (50 tags) we will take donations for monetary donations and gift cards.  Donations and gifts will be taken to Appalachia on December 7-8, 2018.  Christmas presents are given to those living at Brian’s Safe House and the Sparrow’s Nest. 

“Appalachia is a ministry for young men and women that need guidance and help along the way. Sparrows Nest for the women is such a blessing to the girls to have a safe place to get their lives back together. [At] Brian’s Safe House, the faces may change but the message of Christ does not. These men are searching for peace and someone to care about them. This ministry fills that gap thanks to CVC’s part.’

“I have served for 5 years now and every year is different. New faces. New opportunities. Our labor and hard work is so worth it when you see their faces. Aside from all the physical labor the best part is the Christmas dinner. We laugh, we cry, we sing and know it’s because of CVC and our congregations generosity.”

  • Cleveland Pregnancy Center

These donations will focus on items needed in the boutique including diapers, clothing, baby monitors, etc. 

I want to thank you for the baby items that my granddaughter received from the baby boutique. Thank you to the donors who gave graciously so that the mothers can have what they need to properly care for their babies. God bless and thank you once again.

  • Pearl Island Disaster Relief

One of the main focuses for CVCMission teams in 2019 will be disaster relief in Pearl Island. CVC will be supporting relief efforts on the ground.  Donations given to this initiative will fund a variety of supplies and tangible needs.

[They] have been running a makeshift clinic out of two tents in the village since the earthquakes.  The tents have no privacy, and are so hot during the day they have to take patients outside, where it is in the upper eighties, to keep them cool.  Some patients have walked from as far away as 10 kilometers (over six miles) for treatment, but [they are] limited in what she can do because there are no medical supplies or medicine. 

There are also at least seven women in the village who are pregnant, They have very limited prenatal care, and no prenatal vitamins.

Because of the generosity of CVC we were able to go to the pharmacy and purchase antibiotics, antibiotic ointment, bandages, cold medicine, pain reliever, fever reducer, and prenatal vitamins.

  • CVC Families

Each year the benevolence team at CVC offers those who have received benevolence assistance the opportunity to receive additional assistance by offering the opportunity to request gifts for their children. The care department takes care of the requests. Each child may receive 3 gifts – 1 toy and 2 clothing items. Estimated requests for this year are around 180 gifts/tags. 

Thank you for helping my kids…. I made the choice to tell them that the gifts were from the church. I told them that when people like me are in need, others are willing to help. This is the very first year that I asked for help with Christmas gifts for my kids. I always managed to pull some money from somewhere to make it happen, but this year, I could not.

Although my spousal support was reinstated by the courts in September, it was not received until November. I had bills to pay and have a major upcoming car repair that I am worried about.

My son was so excited to receive the pistachio nuts. And he exclaimed, “new gloves! I needed these!” I also asked for one family game, but CVC blessed him with not just one, but many. The gift card from Dillard’s was used for exactly what I intended: for my daughter. It is my hope and prayer that by this time next year, I will be working in my field and giving back to CVC.

  • Ghana Medical Clinic

CVC will continue to support ongoing needs at the Nzema Baptist Hospital with a variety of tangible items needed to run clinics on a daily basis.

This [past] summer marks 20 years of faithful and fruitful labor between members of CVC and the Nzema Baptist Association. Once an unreached people group, the Nzema now host more than 60 churches and have the resources to spread the gospel within their own communities. God enacted these marvelous works through our national missionary, Frank Archer, and decades of faithful CVC missionaries who have gone before us.

The Nzema Baptist Hospital project continues God’s restorative work by ensuring access to quality medical and spiritual care for future Nzema generations. When our medical mission team visited in September 2017, we were amazed by the progress made on the hospital. What was once a dense, green coconut grove in 2012 is now a stunning blue building with landscaping, tiled floors, running water, electricity, and a brand new labor and delivery ward. It truly is a beacon of hope to passersby on the main road.

  • Love & Hope Children’s Home (El Salvador)

These donations  provide schooling at a safe, Christian school alongside Christmas gifts for the children at Love & Hope. 

The Love & Hope Children’s Home in El Salvador provides safety, shelter and family to children who would otherwise live life on the margins. This year Love and Hope celebrates 15 years of working to break the cycles of violence, poverty and abuse in El Salvador. The young people at Love & Hope are bright, funny, and full of potential. A solid education can make the difference between a life of sustenance and a life of success.
The true cost of educating a child is more than just tuition. There are books and uniforms to buy, registration and activity fees, supplies, and transportation to get them to class each day.  The total education cost for all the young people at Love and Hope Children’s Home in 2019 is over $30,000.  Your generous donations have helped provide adequate, appropriate and individualized education to each unique youth growing up at Love and Hope Children’s.  Your gift will continue to bless future generations of Salvadorans through these individuals.