Cole Family – House Fire

UPDATE – May 5, 2016

Some of you may have already heard that the Cole family (Ryan, Joelle, and 3 young children) had a significant fire in their home last night. They are all safe; no one was injured.
Lisa Dayton (who went through this process in 2014) will be working directly with the Cole family to assess their needs.

Lisa Dayton will be the primary contact and team with Pastor Dean Siley on communications with CVC Staff and congregation. We want to make sure that our efforts are concentrated, efficient, and effective.
Lisa Dayton – 330.907.9239

Here’s how you can help:
  • Prayers/words of encouragement can be directed via Facebook. All questions should be directed to Lisa Dayton as the Coles are dealing with much and need to keep their phone lines open.
  • “Go Fund Me” 
  • The priority on their list of needs is a temporary housing location. Although a hotel maybe provided by the insurance company, a fully furnished house or apartment would be best.
  • WalMart Gift Cards: Their hope is for the kids to have some degree of normalcy in the midst of this crisis. Taking the kids shopping for clothes and basic needs will be helpful. WalMart Gift Cards can be dropped off at CVC or by contacting Lisa (contact information below).
  •  Plan coming soon once they establish housing.
  • Help empty the house of their remaining belongings. We will notify you when that opportunity becomes available.
Thank you for supporting the Cole family in their time of great need.