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Date: June 22-25, 2017

Trip Leader: Sola Oshunniyi

Contact: solademi@att.net

Cost: Individual- $180; Family- $460

Team Size: 60

Available Spots: 55

Age Requirements: 8+

Overview: To share the gospel in the Appalachia (West Virginia) region through addressing felt needs in the community and implementing outreach activities (visiting shelters, implementing Vacation Bible Schools, picnics, building projects, etc.)



Date: Weekend: July 21-23, 2017; Week Long: August 5-11, 2017

Trip Leader: Jim Sutton

Contact: jimsutonxyz@gmail.com

Cost: Week Long: $200 plus bike costs

Team Size: 25

Available Spots: 24

Age Requirements: 16+

Overview: Bike ride to raise money for orphans at both Love and Hope Children’s Home in el Salvador and Juna Amagara in Uganda.


Date: August 15-27, 2017

Trip Leader: Emily Thomas

Contact: emkathrynthomas@gmail.com

Cost: $3500

Team Size: 6

Available Spots: 3

Age Requirements: 18+

Overview: Over half of the world’s population is unreached – meaning they have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Our work on Pearl Island consists of partnering with brothers and sisters on the ground – as well as indigenous people to share the good news with those who have not yet heard the good news.



Date: September 2017

Trip Leader: Kyle Gustafson

Contact: gustafson.k@gmail.com

Cost: $2800

Team Size: 20

Available Spots: 18

Age Requirements: 16+

Overview: To bring medical care to the region of our mission focus group in southwestern Ghana. Teams will offer medical care to children and adults in the Nzema region of Ghana.  This ministry is intended to complement the ongoing church planting activities of our partners in Ghana and some time will be devoted to participation in these activities as well.



Date: Various

Trip Leader: Dan Marshall

Contact: demarsh7@yahoo.com

Cost: $75-$150

Team Size: 10

Available Spots: 10

Age Requirements: 18+

Overview: Teams travel on an as needed basis to various locations to engage with Disaster Relief ministries and local churches working in providing relief from the recent crisis situations that have taken place. Activities may include demolition of existing homes, general clean up and evangelism efforts.