Encouragement From Leigh-Anne


… Are there areas in my life that I am sorrowful about the consequences of my sin, but not the sin itself? Areas where I wail upon my bed, but do not cry out to Him (Hosea 7:14)? Areas where I remain un-surrendered? 

God asked Hosea to do something that would cause him pain, but it would help him understand the grief that He was feeling for an unfaithful love. God asked Hosea to surrender his own desires, align with God’s heart, be his voice, and let his story be used to tell the story of God.

It was for the glory of God and the good of others. Ladies, this is so so hard isn’t it?   How often we say, “don’t ask me to do hard things”. “I don’t want to walk through this pain”.  “It doesn’t matter if it is for the good of others”. “This is my heart”.  “How is this good for me?”  I often wonder if Hosea had some of those thoughts.  And yet, God’s word tells us he obeyed.

Obedience… even when it hurts and we don’t see how our hearts are held in the midst of it. But Hosea is blessed because he sees firsthand the beauty of God’s love and forgiveness in the midst of betrayal and pain.  Sometimes what God calls us to, or allows, hurts so so deeply and yet when we see his face, his purposes, it is absolutely beautiful.  I hope this encourages you today.