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Since our inception, CVC focuses on connecting people to Christ. We believe to truly experience the Christian life should be in rhythms or worship, groups, and serve.  A clear and simple strategy is an essential ingredient to successfully accomplish the mission. CVC’s strategy for fulfilling the mission and living out the passions has three components.


These 3 components describe the environments we want every believer to experience. It’s the pathway into the life and fabric of CVC. We seek to keep our strategy simple and resist the pull toward excess programming because it tempts us to bow before the tyranny of more. We believe we can make more and better disciples with a little less activity.



Our Sunday worship services provide opportunities for us to join with other believers, to glorify Christ, the One who restores the broken.  Worship involves honoring God from our hearts as we strive to:

  • Pray publicly and privately during services
  • Joyfully sing praises to God
  • Attentively listen to the teaching of God’s Word
  • Hear and share stories of how God has given us new life in Christ
  • Celebrate with artists (drama, media and music) who are using their gifts as we experience God through worship, our lives are transformed.

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It is common for people to attend Sunday worship services regularly for many years and never experience real growth in their walk with Christ. At CVC, we are convinced that true Christian growth happens best in a small group environment called a LifeGroup where people are encouraging each other and accountable to each other on an ongoing basis. It’s enjoying others who enjoy Jesus!

The New Testament teaches that we must care for each other. We care through the full range of the “one another” ministries. For example, we are told to:

  • Comfort one another
  • Encourage one another
  • Pray for one another
  • Offer hospitality to one another
  • Admonish one another
  • Care for one another
  • Serve one another

The best place for these kinds of relationships to be built is in the context of a LifeGroup where we experience true Christian fellowship. We believe that growth happens best when we are in community–not in isolation–so that when we face life’s problems, we have a group of people around us praying for us, encouraging us, checking in on us, visiting us, and challenging us toward spiritual growth and maturity.

A LifeGroup is a small group, usually 8-12 people, that gathers regularly to actively journey toward greater spiritual growth and authentic Christ-centered relationships.  Groups meet on a trimester schedule and with opportunities to find a group during Group Connect before each semester begins.

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We believe there’s more to the call of God than just going to church services or small groups. God is also constantly calling us to serve hurting, lonely, and needy people both inside and outside the church. Too often, God’s people withdraw from the culture and hang out in holy huddles without ever truly engaging the brokenness in our world.

We want to provide encouragement, opportunities, and equipping so that everyone can truly show God’s love by serving others in our everyday lives. We expect every believer to develop a dynamic vision for serving the broken people around us. We seek to serve in ways so that we actually begin to see Jesus restore lives, families, and communities.


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