Mission Trip Process

If you have any questions about the Mission Trip Process after your review, please connect with us.

Participating in a mission trip is not something to be considered lightly. Take time to prayerfully consider if God is leading you on a trip and where that may be. Look for specific ways to pray when considering a short-term trip.
Once you’ve decided to find out more information about going, choose the trip that you would like to participate in and click the button to find out all the specific details about the trip itself. We encourage you to attend informational trip meetings to answer any specific questions you may have.
After prayerfully considering and reviewing all the trip details, start your application. This process has a few key steps involved with it so please review it in its entirety. Click the link below to see the list of steps in the application process and access the forms.


All CVCMissions trip participants are required to complete a CVCMissions Short Term Application. This form helps secure your spot on the trip. To begin the process, click the Application Information button to the right.
You’ll be asked to list two references on your application. Please send this reference form link to those individuals you used as a reference. Simply, email this link and ask them to complete and submit it. All Responses go directly to Cuyahoga Valley Church and are kept confidential . Click the button to the left to open the form.
International trips require a current passport. Whether you need to apply for a new passport or renew a current passport, click the button to the right. This site outlines the steps to ensure you can secure a valid passport prior to the trip. Apply or renew your passports at least 6 months in advance. Due to government travel guidelines, you must have a passport that will remain valid at least 6 months after the trip return date.
We require all participants to have an up to date background check on file at Cuyahoga Valley Church. When completing your annual background check, enter the portal code “volunteer” and complete the request. Please note: If the last time you completed a background check was longer than one year, you will need to complete one prior to the trip.
Any leader or team member who intends to drive the vans on a Cuyahoga Valley Church sponsored mission trip must complete a Driver’s Check Form. This form must be completed for every mission trip that a person will be driving for.
The form can be accessed by pressing the button driver’s check button.
When your application is finished.  Start raising financial support by establishing partners. We understand that many people may not know where to begin with this and there may be some unanswered questions. Click the partner button for our document answering most of your questions and guidelines for trip support activity.
We want to effectively train all mission trip members. Therefore, we require trip participants to attend team meetings.  Since each trip is different, your trip leader will provide you with a meeting schedule. Please plan to attend your mission trip  meetings as they’ll help you prepare and train you in preparation for your trip.  All approved meetings are on the CVC calendar. Every trip is different, if you are unsure about details, connect with the trip leader.
Prior to leaving, please make sure you have provided all of the necessary documentation to the to the missions’ coordinator and have the following items:

  • Up to date health insurance card
  • Any outstanding forms or documents needed for the trip
  • Prayer support at home while serving
We can’t wait to hear how God! When you return, we look forward to hearing your stories. Please share with us about how God worked in you and through you while on the trip. Connect with us to share your story.  Want to give trip feedback? To help us in the future with the planning of our trips, please click here to complete the CVCMIssions Evaluation Form.