New Life 10|24

For 2015, CVC is asking God to stir in us the same heart’s desire and prayers that Paul had for those not in a relationship with Christ:
Romans 10:1: “Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.”

All CVCers are being asked for 2 commitments:
1. Compile of personal list of 10 people and pray they will come into a relationship with Christ.
2. Commit to have an average of 2 New Life Conversations (gospel focused conversations) each month with a total of 24 in 2015.

Based on 1,000 engaged people, and knowing that God is sovereign, our hope is that:
• 10,000 local names will be prayed for.
• 24,000 New Life conversations will take place.
• 500 people will place their faith in Jesus Christ.

If God is leading you to confirm your participation, please indicate below by click the + to respond:

I commit to have 2 New Life Conversations each month and pray for 10 people to come into a relationship with Christ.

Not every New Life conversation will result in someone praying to receive Christ, however each will be another step in a person’s spiritual journey.

Tell us about your New Life conversation.
I’m celebrating new life as my conversation led to a decision for Christ!