Night to Shine – Friday, February 8, 2019

The Tim Tebow Foundation has a great passion for people with special needs, and in 2014 they launched “Night to Shine.” The vision was simple… work with churches around the country to provide an incredible prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs, 14 and older.

Every Night to Shine prom guest is matched with a buddy, who will accompany them during the entire event. Buddies assist their guest during dinner, guide them to various activities and make sure their guest has a great time. Buddies are high school age and older and trained prior to the event. To make the event run smoothly, buddies should arrive by 4pm on the night of the event.

Our Night to Shine registration is now at full capacity. Our waitlist registration is now open. We will contact you if spots become available.

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Clink the button below to register with our Buddy Team. General volunteer team descriptions are below the video.

Volunteer – Buddy Team Volunteer for Specific Team

Mark your calendars for our Night to Shine meeting, Sunday, January 27 at 12:30. Meeting will be held in the Worship Center, lunch will be provided.

Questions can be directed to Denise Petek using

Event | Friday, February 8, 2019 6:00pm-10:00pm

Volunteer Teams

This team takes measurements at our Dress/Suit Drives in preparation for the Night to Shine prom. The dresses/suits will then be altered for guests and returned to the church for guest pick up before the event.

Man our restrooms or changing rooms and offer assistance in the restroom/changing area as needed.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY TEAMS (Guests – AM // Caregivers – PM)
[Beauticians/Barbers, Make-up Artists, Skin Care, Manicurists, and Massage Therapists.] This team helps with hair/make up pre-prom and offers touch ups at prom to make sure guests look their best as they make their trip down the red carpet and are photographed by the paparazzi. Skin care, massage, manicures, beauticians/barbers, and make-up teams will be available in our caregiver rooms to help pamper our caregivers.

Every attender will be assigned a buddy for the evening. Buddies hang out with guests, make conversation while enjoying dancing, food, and karaoke alongside guests.  Buddies are to assist guests for the evening while encouraging guests to participate in the fun.

Give caregivers will be treated to a brief respite as they head to a relaxing space that will include food, pampering, support and prayer.

Greet our guests with a friendly face and organize guest’s coats.  As guests leave, ask for their names and retrieve their coats.

Display and distribute crowns and tiaras for every guest because every guest is a king or queen.

You’ll help transform Cuyahoga Valley Church into a memorable prom venue.  These finishing touches really can make the night. This team plans and executes any decorating needs for the evening including the dance space, karaoke room, respite rooms, and more.

This team stands at the door ready to engage each guest by greeting them and opening/holding the door. They are willing to share a welcoming smile, kind word and any aide that is needed upon entering or exiting our prom.

We’re assisting guests ahead of time in finding the right outfit to wear. This team will keep guests looking sharp by organizing a suit/dress drive by collecting formal outfits for guests to wear.  They’ll also distribute any suit/dress donations prior to the event.

This team coordinates along with our Children’s Director, Denise Petek, any fundraising needs in preparation for Night to Shine.

Help guests choose songs to sing, help run the karaoke machine, and be a part of cheering each singer. Some guests may prefer to sing with a member of the Karaoke Team and we encourage you to do so!

Coordinates the donation of limos and offers short limo rides around the parking lot during the event. You’ll assist guests getting in and out of their vehicles as well as engage any guests that may be waiting for their limo ride.

Assist by providing basic first aid and care for any medical needs or emergencies.  You’ll also be available to direct guests to EMT’s or report disturbances.

Give our guests the red-carpet treatment as they’re met with a mob of photographers as they enter Night to Shine.

This critical team directs guests from the moment the pull into our parking lot; they will also assist guests getting in and out of their cars, as well as valet for caregivers.

This team gathers together to pray for our guests, caregivers, families and volunteers before and during the night of the event.

Give our guests the royal treatment with a shoe shine while engaging guests in conversation. This team will help set up and tear down the shoe shine station.

This team runs sound, lights, video and mics in all of our Night to Shine venues.

We’ll offer valet parking for caregivers.  This team will organize keys and cars for return at the end of Night to Shine.

Volunteer – Buddy Team Volunteer for Specific Team