Prayer Summit with Daniel Henderson

Saturday, March 7 | 9 am – 3 pm
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The Prayer Summit is designed as a day to seek the Lord and His agenda for our lives, families, churches, and communities. Join Daniel Henderson as he leads us in a prayer summit for CVC. Discover the transformative power of this unique prayer format, as we draw near to God together.

The focus:
• to seek His face more so than His hands
• to talk to Him, not just about Him
• to passionately seek to understand, know, and intimately relate to Him, first and foremost

As we know His heart through an extended time of worship and devotion, we can then respond to His will as His Spirit directs. We come with no personal agendas and leave with only one — HIS!
The summit will be a time of refreshment, encouragement, edification, and purification. Perfect for every heart longing to know God more intimately. Jesus will establish the agenda as we worship, glorify, and enjoy Him through singing, Scripture reading, and prayer.

CVC Prayer Summit | Saturday, March 7 from Cuyahoga Valley Church on Vimeo.