Sharing Your Story

Think of a person who would relate to your journey to faith in Christ.  Who do you know might connect with your story? God tells us we are forever on “standby.” We are always read to share with others what Christ has done in our lives with gentleness and respect.

But in your hears honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reasons for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” 1 Peter 3:15

God tells us we are forever on “standby.” We are always ready to share with others what Christ as done within us.We all have a story– a testimony.  Some are glamorous, some are difficult, and some seem plain.  If you have a New Life in Christ, you have an amazing story to tell.  When we say, “I don’t have much of a story,” in essence what we’re saying is that Christ loving me, dying for me and rising from the dead for me isn’t much of a story!

In God’s eyes, it’s epic!  God is the Author of your story.  That means it has eternal proportions and ramifications!  God has taken you from death to life, from darkness to light, from bondage to freedom, from brokenness to restoration.

Your story is absolutely amazing.  You life experiences background, how you became drawn to Christ, as well as your personal decision to follow Him, give you a unique and powerful story of a new life in Him.

You are a new creation in Christ and this wonderful story needs to get put to work.  If you have your testimony carefully reviewed and written down, you will be able to share it comfortably in a day-to-day situations.

Sharing Your Story

God calls us to proclaim what we have seen and heard! A testimony means we profess our faith in Jesus Christ publicly. As you write your testimony, the focus of your story will illustrate God’s work on the cross, how He drew you to Himself, how your heart turned to Him in repentance. Trusting in Christ as your Lord and Savior has given you New Life in Christ. It is import that it is God honoring and that God’s work of forgiveness and redemption are shown throughout the story. It is important that all the glory goes to Him and not ourselves, church, or other people. While those things have all played a role in our journey, they need not be the central focus. We share who Jesus is and what He has done for us. We are to be examples of His love, reign, and work; we are to reflect His light to a dark world. This means we are not to just profess our faith. Rather, to be an effective witness of our Lord, we need to have a well-prepared testimony, and it needs to be written out. In writing out your testimony, you are seeking to point others to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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Guidelines for Writing Your Story

Use Paul’s outline to craft your own testimony.  But before you do, here are a few guidelines for writing your story:


  • Ask God to give you wisdom
  • Keep you story to a 3-5 minute limit– about 700 words
  • Be realistic
  • Include the gospel.  Say something like…

” I realized Christ died for my sins and rose again.  I turned from my sin, received the gift of salvation, and trusted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.  He has given me New Life.”


  • Make statements that reflect negatively on any church organization
  • Make statements that reflect negatively on any individual
  • Mention denominations or church names
  • Speak or write in a preachy manner
  • Use religious terms like saved, sin, or convicted without explaining them
  • Spend a lot of time on your past sins– you old life– and only a little bit of time on your new life/change
  • Glorify the church or people. Instead, glorify Christ!

Pray Before Writing Your Story

Before you being to write, you might want to use the following prayer as an inspiration for you own:

Father, thank You for saving me and for being with me now.  Fill me with power from Your Holy Spirit.  Thank You that my story is the one You gave me to share with others.  I know that it represents the power of a transformed life.  Help me write it in a way that honors You.  I pray that You will give me opportunities to share with wonderful story with others so that they could be drawn into a New Life in Christ.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Writing Your Story

Here’s an overview of what to include in your personal story.  Write it down!

  • A gracious introduction
  • The good in your past (what are you grateful for)
  • The sinfulness of your past life (thoughts, actions, and attitudes unpleasing to God)
  • The circumstances of conversion (when/who did God use and how, the moment you said “I do” to Jesus)
  • The changes after conversion (description of your New Life in Christ)
  • The gospel message (the basics of the deal and resurrection of Jesus)
  • A personal appeal (invitation to respond)

Strengthening Your Story

Share your story with a believing friend so that he or she can celebrate your testimony and give you some feedback.  After getting some feedback, rewrite your story and be ready to share it with your LifeGroup.  Always ask permission to share your story.

Telling your story without asking permission can be awkward and rude.  Ask “May I share with you…”
Chad Allen, Lead Pastor