Seek Week 2019


Daniel Henderson


We’re excited to welcome pastor Daniel Henderson to teach at all Sunday services on February 23 as we kickoff Seek Week. Daniel Henderson is nationally known for bringing prayer-based revitalization to numbers churches. Now, as the President of Strategic Renewal, Daniel is dedicating his full time efforts to help congregations across the country and world experience renewal. Daniel is sought after for his expertise in leading corporate prayer. He has authored numerous books on biblical leadership and prayer including, Old Paths, New Power and Transforming Prayer: How Everything Changes When Who Seek God’s Face.


Join us for a week of daily opportunities to come together in prayer and fasting. Monday through Thursday, we’ll gather from 7-8:30PM in the worship center. Childcare will be available.  We’ll close the week on Friday with Lord’s Supper at 6PM followed by a community meal.

The principles and practices we engage during seek week are not just for this one week of the year, but they are for our daily lives.  As we seek God’s presence, we can experience humility, conviction, hope, joy, and strength.  Hopefully, this week will help you learn ways to deepen and mature your communication and connection with our Heavenly Father.

Let’s offer God our ‘first fruits’ of the new year as we remind each other of our ultimate dependence on Him.

FRIDAY, MARCH 1 | 6:30-8PM

We will close our week together on Friday at 6:30PM with a time of worship, prayer, and the Lord’s Supper. Afterward, everyone will join together for a community meal.

Please let us know you’re coming! RSVP to Kristy Klasa | 440.972.2208

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