Sunday, February 3 | No 6:30PM Service

Be a LifeHouse on Super Bowl Sunday. Come to a morning service and use the evening to reach out to your community by hosting a Super Bowl party in your home, attending a party in your community, or praying at home.


New life in Christ is displayed through love and service to our immediate neighbors. This is not a project or an event. It’s a lifestyle we are calling people to. Be creative. Every person and every community is different. Here are a few ideas:

  • Host a Superbowl Party
  • Attend a party in your community
  • Bring the best appetizers
  • Pray for God’s movement in your neighborhood
  • Not into football? Host a Puppybowl Party.
  • Have a SOUP-er Bowl party and collect donations for a local cause.
  • Read God Space for inspiration.
  • If there’s snow, clear your neighbor’s driveway before their party
  • Chat it up. Use any parties to get to know your neighbors better.
  • We can’t love our neighbors if we don’t truly know them.  Do you know your neighbors?

Jesus’ desire is for us to invite people to new life in Him, including those within our own neighborhoods.

LifeHouses are a movement that has us following Jesus out of our church building and going with Him as missionaries right in the areas where we live.  On the way, we’re to be asking, “How can we create community here while brining new life in Christ?  What are ways I can love and serve the neighbors God has placed right around me?”

Will your home be a LifeHouse?  Download the booklet here.