The Unbelievable Gospel

We welcomed Jonathan Dodson author of The Unbelievable Gospel for a free seminar on how to share a gospel worth believing.  In the award-winning The Unbelievable Gospel pastor Jonathan Dodson give us a timely look at what makes the gospel unbelievable and how we can make it more believable in the midst of a changing culture. Addressing concerns about the state of evangelism, such as intolerant and impersonal witnessing, Dodson offers both a listening ear and a voice of experience. Part apologetics, part theology, and part practice, this book finishes with insightful, authentic stories of mission from the trenches. An important read, this book is unique in evangelistic literature.

It’s incredibly fitting that we would have our Leaders Equip on 10|24 since New Life 10|24 has been our focus this year.

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New Life Conversations with Skeptics

This breakout session about engaging secular skeptics will be led by our main speaker.  Jonathan K. Dodson (M.Div, Th.M) is happy husband to Robie, and proud father to Owen, Ellie & Rosamund. He is the founding pastor of City Life Church in Austin, Texas, which he started with a small group of people. He also founded PlantR a church planting network and Gospel Centered Discipleship, a resource site devoted to helping make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus. He enjoys training missional leaders and is also the author of Raised?: Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection and Gospel-Centered Discipleship.

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New Life Conversations with Jews

Sylvia Krafcik currently attends Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue in Lyndhurst, Ohio.  She was raised in a Jewish home, where both her parents were survivors of the Holocaust.  She accepted the Lord in 1977 while attending graduate school.  God used her Christian roommate to lead her to the Lord. She holds the position of Director of Tikvat Yisrael Intercessors for Israel, a weekly prayer group which prays for Israel and Middle-East current events pertinent to Israel.  Sylvia also speaks at churches and small groups, educating them on how to reach the Jewish people and the importance of praying for Israel.  She is also a Licensed Social Worker and works part-time for Willow Counseling Services.  She has an office at Tikvat Yisrael where she provides biblically -based counseling services to individuals, couples, and families. Sylvia received her Masters Degree in Social Work in 1979.  Prior to working at Tikvat Yisrael, she worked as a medical social worker at MetroHealth Medical Center at their main campus on West 25th Street.  Sylvia has been a widow since 2005 and has a 29 year old daughter and a 9 month old grandson.

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New Life Conversations with Muslims

John Murtha will share on reaching Muslim people. John is missionary consultant with Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (WEC, Int.) He has started and leads numerous Bible study groups on the Westside of Cleveland. These have provided an opportunity for fellowship, discipleship, and a friendly setting to bring unbelievers who are interested in learning the Bible. This is particularly effective in reaching out to Muslims who come to the predominantly Middle Eastern groups. John and his wife Marie and four children have served as missionaries in Thailand with WEC for ten years. His ministry involved evangelism, discipleship and Church planting in Northwest Thailand as well as University outreach in Bangkok. He has recently served as  the USA Director for WEC. He is an elder at Bay Presbyterian Church who is a sought-after speaker and leader inside and outside his local church. John is a missions speaker at regional Christian Colleges and advises students on mission opportunities.

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New Life Conversations with Catholics

This breakout session for reaching people with a Catholic background will be led by Gus Supan. Gus attended Catholic grade school, high school, and college. He spent the first 40 years of his life active in the Catholic Church. Gus is currently the Director of Catholic Conversations Ministry, which lovingly engages people who are in pursuit of spiritual truth. Prior to entering full time ministry Gus spent over thirty years in the engineering graphics industry. He is the father of April and Rob and grandfather to sixteen grandchildren.

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