By contributing to UNLEASH, we are contributing to changed lives. Seek the Lord for wisdom on how much to give. Jesus said, “Much is required from those to whom much is given, and much more is required from those to whom much more is given” (Luke 12:48). All of us need to give biblically, significantly, and sacrificially.

The Lord asks for our “first fruits” to go back into His work. Our first commitment to the growth of our people and programs is funded from the Operating Fund. UNLEASH should receive contributions that are above and beyond our normal tithes and offerings.

UNLEASH giving would be in addition to your regular ongoing giving to Cuyahoga Valley Church. We are asking that you continue to give your regular offering gift, also called your tithe, to the Cuyahoga Valley Church Operating Fund which is the primary financial fund of the church. This fund is used to cover our ongoing ministry expenses including all staffing, programs, operational expenses, and mission support. UNLEASH giving would be over and above your regular giving and it is to fund the three special initiatives that we are undertaking.
We currently do not have a Building Fund because all of Cuyahoga Valley Church’s operating expenses, including the current monthly mortgage payment, are now funded out of the Operating Fund. In its place is the UNLEASH Fund which is for the $2,000,000 funding of the UNLEASH programs.
The body of Christ needs your time and your talents, but it also needs your treasure in order to remain healthy. The Bible says that giving is an act of worship (Philippians 4:18), that giving is to be generous (2 Corinthians 8:1-5), and that giving reflects spiritual trustworthiness (Luke 16:11).
Just designate your gift on the giving envelope or check, and, yes, you can write one check to Cuyahoga Valley Church and designate a portion of the check to Operating Fund (or any other fund) and a portion to UNLEASH. You can also give online or on the Cuyahoga Valley Church app.
Yes. In fact, that is a great way to multiply your impact because it could save you taxes as well as provide you with some other benefits. Please see our special information sheet called “Benefits of Giving Stock” and talk with your financial advisor and tax professional.
We believe your commitment is between you and God. The request for pledging is for planning purposes and only the finance department will have access to this information. For your convenience and tax purposes only, you will receive statements on which your UNLEASH gifts will be placed against your pledge. The rest is up to you.
Each dollar given to UNLEASH gets split proportionally into each initiative based on the funding goals of each project. UNLEASH represents three initiatives:

  • Neighbors: reaching more of our neighbors by starting campuses in strategic locations ($350,000 or 17.5% of the total funding goal).
  • Nations: translating the Bible into the language of the SOLI people group ($250,000 or 12.5% of the total funding goal)
  • Next Generation: paying off the remaining mortgage so we can re-channel the monthly mortgage payment of $13,750 more directly into ministry ($1,400,000 or 70% of the total funding goal).

So, for every dollar given, 17.5 cents goes to Neighbors, 12.5 cents goes to Nations, and 70 cents goes to Next Generation.

No. Leadership has prayed about and made the decision that all three projects—Neighbors, Nations, and Next Generation—are important and we want some of every dollar given going against each project. This is the same approach we use for the annual operating budget. Cuyahoga Valley Church has a process to discuss and pray through the budgets for each ministry, and then finalize the budgets for each ministry. Once the overall budget is approved, every dollar given to the Operating Fund gets allocated proportionally to all of the budget line items. That means there is no designated giving, meaning if you just want to support one ministry, say the Children’s Ministry, you cannot do that. Every ministry is important. We ask that you trust that process. The same is true for UNLEASH. All three initiatives are important, that is why each dollar is allocated to all three projects.
The monies for Next Generation/Debt Elimination will get paid to Bank of the West, our mortgage holder, monthly. The quicker we pay down the principal, the faster we get rid of debt. The Nations (Bible translation) monies will go out quarterly to The Seed Company, which is the financing arm for Wycliffe Bible Translators. The Neighbors piece, for campus launch, will be held until all the debt is paid off, a detailed plan for expansion has been approved, and all of the up-front monies for capital equipment and leasehold improvements are in the bank (we will not be taking on any debt for expansion).
Before you commit to anything, go to the Lord in prayer and ask for wisdom. Once you make a commitment, trust in Him to provide. If for some reason you cannot meet the commitment, that is OK. Just follow the Lord’s leading and try to get back on track as the Lord provides. If it is clear that you will not be able to fulfill the commitment, please call Jackie Praskavich in the finance department and let her know, for our planning purposes.
UNLEASH is a 24-month campaign that officially begins October 2017 and goes through November 2019, although giving can certainly start before that.
Our original mortgage was $5,600,000 and it has been paid down to $1,400,000 with an interest rate of 2.94%.
Yes. We recommend you always consult with your financial advisor as well as a tax professional as you evaluate your options. If you have general CVC questions, contact Gregg Jacobsen or Jackie Praskavich at 440.746.0404
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