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Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is an exciting but sometimes stressful task. Our goal at Cuyahoga Valley Church is to make your wedding ceremony planning as stress-free as possible.

The Basics
A wedding ceremony that takes place in a church is more than a legal contract. It is a worshipful celebration that makes a statement before God and the congregation that the couple desires their marriage to honor and be blessed by God.  We believe God ordained marriage between a man and a woman as their gender was determined at birth.

Premarital Classes
We require all couples marrying at Cuyahoga Valley Church to complete the Before “I Do” premarital course. This 7-week course, offered twice a year, gives couples a chance to prepare for marriage by discussing a number of topics with several trained members of our ministry team.

Reserving a Date
Those who are members or regular attenders may reserve the church up to one year in advance. Our Worship Center seats approximately 600 on the main level and 140 in the balcony.

The Lower Level of our facility is available with a seating capacity of approximately 200 people. Our custodial staff will set up/tear down the tables and chairs. Decorations are the couple’s responsibility. Saturday receptions must be concluded by 9pm to allow time to prepare for Sunday services.

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