Bible Reading Plan

With this reading plan, we’ll journey through God’s Word over the next three years by reading one chapter of the Bible a day. This will allow you take time to meditate on the Word of God, spend time in prayer, and journal. One of our passions is Living Truth—which is God’s Word. That’s why each new year we provide a church-wide recommended Bible reading plan. Not sure what day we’re on? Follow our Bible Reading Plan Group on Facebook to stay up to date in the plan.

Booklets containing the 2018 reading plan are available at the Information Desk or use the links below.

Download Printable Plan CVCReads on Facebook

For 2018 we’re recommending The Valley of Vision as a devotional read. We can tap into the Puritan way of prayer and meditation as we reflect on this collection of Puritan prayers. This collection of prayers has been prepared not be prayers on our behalf but to prompt and encourage us in the Christian walk, others have gone on before us. We have copies available at the infodesk for $15 and available online.

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